Have you ever thought about what you're paying for?


Modern life places a financial burden on most of the struggling people. Financial transactions demand that the banking entity charges a percentage of the amount transacted between parties. This ensures that some of the hard earned money is diverted to the banks or other financial entities.

Supply Chain

The long supply chain adds more costs to the products (for example : farmer to market to processor to wholesaler to retailer to consumer). Each stage adds transport and handling costs to the final price. The long suffering consumer is finally burdened with the cost.

Graphic 1

Consumers are at the bottom of the commercial food chain. The banks , insurance industry and the other role players in the food chain are protected by legislation and agreements. Government is also there to collect taxes and fees along the chain. Right at the end of the chain is the long suffering consumer who has to live off a limited budget to pay all the demands of family, education, housing, safety and a career.

The major role playing industries like banking, insurance and energy collect income from the massive consumer group. It is a parasitical relationship where the labour of the masses is harvested by the ''service providers''.Retailers are also in the position of being harvested by the parasite industries. Agreements ensure that the consumer is tapped for maximum profits of the controlling participants. The punch drunk consumer end up being a price taker with no say in the profits of the parasitical industries. In a way the consumer is abandoned to fight for survival at the bottom of the food chain. Politicians abuse the situation to gain votes from the frustrated consumer, only to line their own pockets.

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