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How does e-rae solve this


e-rae is a network building APP that connects the

producer and the consumer. Each user is a valuable link

in the network that forms a robust chain. You are a link

that is connected to the e-rae chain, which is connected

to the producers. This cuts out all the unnecessary links

in the supply chain.

Your e-wallet

Each link automatically receives a personal e-wallet

when they gain access to the app. This will allow

everyone to send and receive rewards effortlessly.

Making it even easier for you

e-rae signed an agreement with a courier that utilizes

over 2500 vehicles. They are willing and able to deliver

any parcel within South African borders in two days. This

gives you the added benefit of shopping online.

Why use the e-rae Wallet?

-It is the smart alternative to keep your money safe and

under your control at a low cost

-Your money is safe – e-rae uses a regulated vehicle

to protect the money in your e-rae account

-No monthly fees and no minimum balance required

-No hidden fees – for each payment the fee is

presented to you for your authorization

-No money is ever taken out of your account without

your authorization – e.g. charges, penalties or debit


-You earn interest on your daily balance

-You have total control over your account

What can you do with e-rae?

-Create a payment request (QR code) to get paid for a

product or service, receive a contribution or perform your

own cash-in/cash-out or sell airtime/data. You can also

send your requests via SMS/WhatsApp or email them to

anyone for payment.

-Buy at any merchant or service provider that displays a

QR code for payment (at till or on the bill) – over 160 000


-Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles in your e-rae app

-Send money to dependants, family, friends, informal

service providers, etc. If the recipient is an e-rae user

you can send money directly to his/her e-rae account

-If the recipient does not have access to e-rae, you can

send a cash voucher to his/her phone via SMS, to

withdraw at selected ATMs

How do I get money into e-rae?

-Ask your employer to pay your salary/wage directly into

your e-rae account

-Transfer from your bank account or card

-Buy an e-rae top-up voucher at merchant till

How do I get money into e-rae?

-You can transfer it to your bank account

-You can withdraw it in cash at selected ATMs

-QR codes created in e-rae can be scanned by users of

other mobile payment solutions, including any bank’s

Masterpass app, VodaPay, Nedbank Money, FNB Scan-to-

Pay, Zapper app, and e-rae Money Manager and

instaPay apps

-QR codes created by Zapper, SnapScan, e-rae, and

banks, can be paid with your e-rae apps

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