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Can e-rae help your business?

If you require more business-driven features to monitor and reconcile transactions, we recommend that you register as a merchant and make use of our business APP portal for just R49.99 per month.

e-rae Payment Network serves as a security mechanism that enables organizations like merchants, service providers, government services, schools an many others, to create private peer-to-peer payment networks between them and their e-rae enabled counterparties, like suppliers, customers, employees,

members, etc.

To join e-rae Payment Network, organizations can register via our APP. As part of the registration process, your organizations are verified for FICA compliance. On successful registration, an e-rae account is opened in the e-RAE Value Store in the name of the organization. The business also receives sign-on information to access its dedicated e-rae Business APP portal where business details can be provided and authorized users can be registered.

e-rae has the following products that will add value, depending on your business needs. Should you require more information on these products, please feel free to contact us.


Become a Link, and pay for goods and services directly from your bank account using a trusted Instant EFT process.


Become a Link, and link multiple users via e-rae Business to accept mobile payments on your behalf. This is a great tool for businesses on the move, who would like their staff to accept payments – all they need is a smartphone.


Through an API plugin, various integration mechanisms will allow you to accept Masterpass-enabled mobile app payments (i.e. Zapper, SnapScan, and bank apps).

e-rae Business APP Portal

e-rae Business is a web APP portal designed for organizations and businesses to manage their payment receipts and to make payments from the funds received. The portal offers the e-rae capabilities outlined plus functions typically performed within a finance function, including large-value payments as well as bulk payments such as salary payments and supplier settlements.

e-rae Business provides the following functionality:

-receiving payments into its e-rae account, with immediate finality, from either

e-rae LINKS or instaPay users

-making secure payments to suppliers, service providers, principals, etc.

-payments of salaries/wages to e-rae accounts of employees making immediate transfers to the organization’s bank accounts

-enabling cash on delivery

-improving liquidity utilization

-enabling communication with customers or members creating bulk invitations to customers/members/etc. to join the e-rae network

-enabling analyses of customer activity

-Financial management features with the option to export data in Excel and CSV format

-Manage vendor payments including setting limits of authority for your staff

-Transfer money to and from a bank account

-Make salary/wage payments: 0.5% capped at R2. 50 above payments of R4500

-Make disbursements to customers in bulk

-Ability to create payment requests/payment notifications and distribute in bulk to customers

-Facility to invite customers, in bulk, to join e-RAE™

-And more

e-rae Payment Acquiring Alternatives

Organizations can receive e-rae payments via several mechanisms, inter alia:

-e-rae proprietary payment-acquiring devices that are free-standing units that can be used with a point-of-sale system.

-e-rae's app provides a low cost, easy-to-use payment providing an option for organizations who make use of multiple payment collectors, to cater for, for example, for off-site deliveries, service staff, roving product sellers, and other

business forms.

-The innovative inXor (nX) intelligent consumer interface interacts with your POS system. The nX screens connect easily to most POS systems and offer value-added services in addition to presenting a QR code for e-RAE payments.

-Organizations utilizing the wiGroup mobile payment platform can accept payments from e- RAE links as well as offer a cash withdrawal service.

Organizational back-end systems can integrate with e-rae through the e-rae API gateway if required.

Transaction Costs

To help you make an informed decision, we have laid out the costs for the most popular transactions. The banks’ names have been withheld to avoid stepping on any toes and to give an objective perspective. If you are familiar with your bank costs,you should recognise your bank immediately.

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Where to go from here?

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