How can e-rae help your business?

The e-rae merchant app includes these amazing features:

Manage the products that you would like to advertise to your audience

Manage the Stock Availability that you show to your audience

Become part of a Network of more than 6500 vehicles, and over 2000 stationary points to store unavailable customers' orders

Save on Payroll Costs when you make salary/wage payments from your e-rae e-Wallet to your employees e-rae e-Wallet (0.5% capped at R2.50 above payments of R4500)

Save on Creditor payment costs

Create Private peer-to-peer payments

Make Instant Secure Payments to suppliers, service providers, principals, etc.

Make Immediate Transfers to an organization’s bank accounts

Receive Instant Mobile e-rae e-Wallet payments from customers

Receive e-commerce payments through an API

Improving liquidity utilization

Enabling communication with customers or members

Creating bulk invitations to customers or employees to buy the e-rae app

Enabling analyses of customer activity

Financial management features with the option to export data in Excel and CSV format

Manage vendor payments including setting limits of authority for your staff

Transfer money to and from a bank account

Make disbursements to customers in bulk

Make payment requests/payment-notifications and distribute in bulk to customers

Your money is SAVE

No monthly fees

No hidden fees

You earn interest

You have total control

Realtime transactions

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